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Cool and really grooving Drum-Jamtracks will bring you to a higher level of playling ! Improve your timin g & band-feeling with the "playbacks for drummers" series from the Groove it label by Tunesday Records. Tunesday is offering drum-jamtracks for download and on highend-CD-quality  as well in all kind of styles, such as Rock, Funk, Fusion, Blues,  Lounge, Acid-Jazz, Pop, Jazz.... If you visitt iTunes or Amazon for example search for the authors names: Jörg Sieghart, Martin Häne, Substyle, Haymo Doerk, Stefan Berker, Gilles Bartholmé...

 You decide if you choose the really high end CD-playalong-quality or the still amazing MP3-quality. Download "playbacks for drummers" (Orig. "Playbacks für Drummer" by the "Groove it" label from Tunesday Records ) iTunes, Amazon, Finetunes.net etc. ...



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